Bible based, Spirit-led, fam-
ily integrated & purposed to:

  • Be culturally relevant
  • Help the hurting
  • Love the unloved
  • Reach the lost
  • Make disciples
  • Serve the community

We are a connected community of singles, couples, families and Fellowship Groups. We care about the things of God, each other, our communities and America. If you are seeking a Biblical lifestyle, you are warmly invited.  Our foundational values include:

  • Receiving and reciprocating God’s love
  • Loving each other “in Christ”
  • Uniting as a “community” of Believers (regardless of location)
  • Sharing the Way, Truth and Life with others

Join us for community meetings that are also live streamed, when possible, in our online meeting room and very interactive for all.  

Fellowship Groups

Just as we were created to eat and breathe, God created people to live life in relationships.

There is nothing that compares to living life in a Fellowship Group; they are the heart of Together Fellowship.

Fellowship Groups can take many forms, encouraging everyone to utilize their giftings and talents to encourage and help others.

Fellowship Groups can join together at work, in homes, in parks or even on-line.  More



“Together as a Congregation”

The Bible declares that there is nothing more important than relationships with God and each other and so for us, “church” is a lifestyle rather than a weekly, one-hour social event with a professional speaker and live music.

We meet together on the third Wednesday of each month at the Veteran and Community Center in Grangeville, ID, weekly in fellowship groups and throughout the week online and in various other ways.

When possible, we broadcast our gatherings live on the internet.

Parson Rayphe also presents various teachings online in our online meeting room. More

Together Online

Internet and phone conferencing can meet needs when other forms of fellowship are very difficult or even impossible. Whenever possible, we broadcast all of our community gatherings in our online meeting room. In this way everyone can participate regardless of location.

For those who are unable to participate in real time we usually record and post them on line.

We also host webinars on a variety of applicable subjects directly related to living life today.  More

While the Bible doesn’t speak against meeting in large, commercial buildings (which we do monthly), the overwhelming Biblical pattern found all through the New Testament, and throughout much of the world today, is for the “Church” to gather weekly in small groups while encouraging and supporting each other between meetings.  This is the vision God has given us and we have found it to be much more meaningful and authentic. If you would like to join this simple, Biblical lifestyle, we look forward to walking the path “Together”.  More

Together Healing
“Healing and Hope for the Future”

Your thoughts, motives, attitudes, words, actions and even much of your physical health flows from the heart of who you are.  God wants the best for you and He wants to help you fulfill your destiny.  Part of His provision for you to accomplish that is for you to be “Together” with others who are like-minded that can help you along the way.

Together Healing is about working with you to help achieve the goals you have in spirit, soul (mind, emotions) and body.

Click here to go to TogetherHealing.Com.


God and Country
“Together we can make a difference”

America has an incredible, Godly foundation of faith which was laid by many of America’s founders. But today we find ourselves making history in a tremendous tension that stretches across America and even the globe.  What will historians write about us?  Will history record that, as God’s people, we went forward on the foundation previously laid, or that we acquiesced?

It is our heart that America evolves from this conflict as a “city on a hill” leading the way for the rest of the world.

Click here to go to “God andCountryTogether.Com.

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